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  • After confirming the listed information in the customer center, the right to use the online service is granted.
  • Join confirmation can be checked after 2 days (except weekends, and holidays) through e-mail.
  • You must insert the categories with ‘*’ sign.

Legal considerations

All the information
listed in the PanOcean website is to provide information on the allied enterprises and agencies of PanOcean. PanOcean has the rights
to change the information of the website without notice, and does not assure that the information will be newly updated.

The information provided by this website is edited by local and external PanOcean information, but cannot assure the completion and accuracy of the information.
Before relying on the information of this website,
try to contact branch or agency to check for precise information.
PanOcean is not responsible for any damage or loss from the connection or misconnection of this website and reliance
on the information the website provides.

The information and data of the above website is provided for sales or any special objective
without any implicated or clear assurance.
In any case, PanOcean is not responsible
for any direct, indirect, accidental, disciplinal damage and loss from the data and information included in this website.

The copyright of all the data listed in this website belongs to PanOcean.
Therefore it is not permitted to illegal copy or distribute these information without the prior consent of PanOcean.

Any information included in this website does not form an offer from PanOcean, and also does not form any offer for to buy the services of PanOcean. The listed services of PanOcean
in this website follow the bill of lading, Tariff and other conditions of PanOcean, and the details can be provided from PanOcean.

PanOcean is not responsible for any secret
except for the personal information that could come out from the register of e-mail, and to copy, publish, exclude for any purpose is not limited.
PanOcean can freely use the correspondence content for any idea,
creation, concept, technology and know-how in any purpose fro the carriage, service development, manufacture and sales.
The use of personal information follows the personal information policy of PanOcean.

This website provides links
for other websites. PanOcean will try to provide the best links with other websites, but we are not responsible
for any damage of the information, product and service linked from other sites.

with other website is only provided for the convenience of other clients, but it does not mean the linked sites are guaranteed.

Privacy policy statement

*General Rules
PanOcean (it will be shorten to “our firm”.) hold in great account of the protection of private information of our members. To conform
the 『Private Information Protection Index』 listed in 『The law of Information Communication Use Promotion and Information Protection』 made by the Ministry of Information and Communication, we have established 『PanOcean Personal Information Protection Policy』.

Our firm acknowledges how and for what purpose
the personal information given by the member is used in the 『 PanOcean Personal Information Protection Policy』.

『 PanOcean Personal Information Protection Policy』can be changed by our firms internal changes,
so it is shown in the first screen of our website, so our member can easily access

* Consent of personal information compilation
Our firm does not compile personal information without the consent of our members. Our firm provides 『PanOcean Personal Information Protection Policy』when you click the 「join membership」button in the membership register screen. Once, you click the 「confirm」 button you have agreed on the compilation
of personal information.

*Use purpose and compilation range of Personal information
The purpose of our firm collecting personal information of our member is to check the identity of our member, the intention to use
our firm service, and to offer the best service we can to our members.

Our firm asks for the user ID, password, e-mail address, telephone, office name, Business registration number and other minimal essential information
, to confirm the member as himself/herself, for the purpose to provide
personal service such as e-Business, schedule search, payment estimate/search
, Booking search, bill of lading, container movement trace, arrival notice, export e-Business, import e-Business

*the reading, modifying and consent withdrawal of Personal Information
Members may always read and modify the personal information of member, and withdraw any consent on the use of personal information by canceling membership.
Personal information of our members may be read and modified by clicking the 『member information administration』section, cancellation of membership
is possible by clicking 「membership cancellation」 button in the 『member information administration』section
, and follow the procedure.

Personal information possess period and usage period
Our firm possess personal information from the membership join until cancellation, and is used for『member information compilation
purpose and usage purpose』.
When canceling the information of our member is immediately destroyed and cannot be read or used for any purpose.

* Management and usage of cookie
Our firm use ‘Cookie’ to provide personal service for our member.
'Cookie' is small amount of date sent to the user browser, and saved to the users hard drive.
By using a Cookie we can understand the use and form our members use our service, so we can provide a more comfortable service
you our user, and provide the optimized information.

Cookie identifies our members computer, but does not identify our members personally. Members can control the option
of the web browser, to accept all cookies, or to receive notice when the cookie is installed, or refuse
all cookies. Though, the refusal of cookie option will make it difficult to normally use the web service.

* Control and technical measures for the protection of Personal information
Our firm takes these measures to prevent
any loss, theft, leak, damage of the personal information of our members.

 - Personal information of our member is thoroughly protected by a password. So members should not leak
    any personal information to others, and manage their own personal information with responsibility. Our firm is not responsible for the leak
    of this password.
 - We are well prepared of any attack by hackers
  &nb네; trying to gain personal information of members, and other illegal contact by creating a firewall.
 - In case of any situation, we backup the system and data, to prepare a continuous and sage service support.
 - We recognize the importance of the protection of private information of members, and for this the access right to personal information of members is limited to the minimum people,
    and the entry of the computer room is limited and setup as a protection area.

* The usage of Personal information for other purpose and offer to a third person
Our firm use personal information in the extent of the 『personal information compile purpose and use purpose』, and does not exceed
and use this to provide to other people or other firms without the consent of our members. Though it is a exception
in the case of requests by related laws and investigation organizations.
In exceptional cases, we administrate it with the notice to our members. We will try our best not to recklessly provide the information out of the original purpose.

*Link Site
Our firm can provide a link from other firm’s website and information. In this case, our firm does not have any regulation rights on the other sites
and information, so we are not responsible and does not guarantee
the usefulness of the provided service and information. In the case of clicking the link contained by our firm to move to the homepage of the other site, the personal information protection
policy is different from our firm, so you must check the policy of the visited site.

*Users right and duty
The information of our member should correctly inserted so it is upgraded as the most recent information, to prevent any unintentional accident. If
our member inserted incorrect information,
the responsibility of the accident is directly to the member himself/herself and you may lose your membership.
All members have the right to protect their personal information, together protect themselves, and have the duty for others
not to violate their information.
Be aware that your password does not get revealed, and not to harm
personal information in the notice board. If you cannot be responsible for other people’s information and respect
, you will be punished as the 『The law of Information Communication Use Promotion and Information Protection』.

*Opinion response and dissatisfaction treatment
Our firm tries our best to protect personal information, if you have any opinion and improvisation
on our personal information protection policy, please contact us to the below number, to register your opinion and respond it as quickly as possible, to report our treatment results.

 - e-mail :
 - Telephone no. : 02-316-5643
 - FAX no. : 02-316-5648
 - Address : : Seoul, Joong-gu Namdaemoonro 2nd street 118 Haewoon Center Bld. 3rd floor
             PanOcean Container Trade Headquarters
              To Computer Development team Homepage Personal Information Management Administrator
 - Working hours : Weekdays 09:00 - 18:00 (Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays off)
    In the case of other consultation on personal information, ask the personal information violation center.
 - Personal information violation center (telephone no.: 1336)

* To check the source of responsibility to the personal information protection
Our firm does not compile personal information of our member without consent. Our firm provides a procedure to press the 「join membership」 button, and when you press this it means that you have agreed on the compilation of personal information.

* To check the source of responsibility to the personal information protection
Above the listed ways from the『PanOcean Personal Information Protection Policy』, any leak of personal information from a third person our firm is not responsible for it.

* Personal information administrator
 - Personal information administrator
 - Name : Mr. Y.H.Kyong
 - Position : information technology team Homepage administrator
 - e-mail :

*Notice obligation
Present 『PanOcean Personal Information Protection Policy 』was presented at April 1st, 2005 (modify date December 1st, 2007), if there is a need to add, delete, modify the protection techniques by government
policy, it is obliged to show a notice 7 days before the modification at the first screen of the PanOcean Homepage.

Protection Policy Version No. : v.1.0 Personal information policy enforcement date : April 1st, 2005 (modify date: December 1st, 2007)

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